Alimony and Alimony Modification

Divorce usually means physical separation and facing the greater expense of running two households instead of one. One element of a total family support system may be alimony.

The payment of alimony is not meant to be a punishment of one spouse or the other. It is a way of equalizing future income or providing for special circumstances such as disabilities or the need for further education or job training. Alimony payments may be limited to a certain amount or to a specific span of time. It is usually tax deductible to the payor and must be claimed as income to the recipient. Some factors considered in determining the amount and terms of alimony are length of marriage, cause for the breakdown of the marriage, age, health and income of each spouse.

Factors determining the amount and term of alimony may change over time. Loss of employment, increase in income, serious illness, and retirement, as examples, may amount to a circumstantial change in circumstances which could lead to a modification of this obligation.

This can be done as a stand-alone service, or in conjunction with other services, such as child support and custody.

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