Relationships between landlords and tenants are governed by very specific laws. They are technical in nature and must be carefully followed. Landlords have a right to be paid rent and to expect their tenants will properly conduct themselves and take care of the property. Tenants have a right to enjoy the property free from interference and to expect certain services from the landlord.

Eviction is a two part process. First, the tenant is served with a Notice to Quit specifying the date on which he is expected to leave and the reason for the eviction. This notice is a legal document which must conform to the law and should be served by a state marshal. If the tenant does not vacate on the prescribed date the landlord must then begin legal action in the Superior Court to gain possession of the property. These steps may result in the eviction of the tenant. Issues such as security deposits and unpaid rent are dealt with separately in the housing division of the Superior Court.



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