Litigated Divorce

This is the process that most people are familiar with because of news stories, friends, and/or relatives who have suffered through a divorce. In this type of case, each party hires an attorney, then digs in for a fight with their soon-to-be ex for everything from custody of children to assets including homes, investments, cash, cars and other properties. Litigation may involve costly use of the court system with its inherent pressures, delays, and formalized discovery. In litigated divorce, a Judge with limited knowledge of your situation just might make very important decisions that affect the rest of your life. This is very risky and, in many cases, unnecessary.

Although litigated divorce has its place, it is expensive and stressful. Creativity is limited and the client frequently loses the ability to self-direct the terms of the divorce. Litigation can be a useful process when issues are complex, where formal discovery is necessary, or when one spouse is substantially disadvantaged. For more information on litigated divorce or to schedule an appointment with an experienced divorce attorney, please feel free to contact me at (203) 265-7073 or email me at


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