Mediated Divorce & Legal Separation

This process requires both parties to meet with a mediator who does not represent either of them as legal counsel. The mediator works with the parties to facilitate an agreement outlining all terms of their divorce, then crafts a separation contract based upon that agreement. The mediator may also assist the parties in filing and obtaining the divorce. The process is informal and private. If the mediation goes well, the only day either party will see the inside of a courtroom is on the actual day of divorce or legal separation.

Mediation is the least expensive divorce option. It allows for peaceful and creative solutions to common divorce problems. When the parties participate in resolving their own issues, the agreement is less likely to be challenged after the divorce. Discovery is informal, with each party relying on the good faith of the other.

Mediation may not work with allegations of physical abuse, in matters involving hidden assets, in relationships where a lack of trust in financial matters exists, or with parties fighting for their rights, rather than their needs. In these types of cases, mediation may not be the best course of action. For more information regarding Mediated Divorce and Legal Separation, Please contact the law offices of Richard Gee, Attorney at Law, at 203-265-7073 or email me directly at


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